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Strategic Design Leader,

To feed my unending curiosity about why the world is the way it is, I research and write about topics that have impacted my own ability to deliver great work; like how to think about DesignOps, when to use holistic design thinking, and how to get to the real Why of a "requirement".

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As a designer, I want to create more than just great user experiences. My work focuses on creating healthy, human-friendly, sustainable systems that help get important stuff done.


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Director of Design for a Mortgage Tech Enterprise SaaS Platform

As the founding designer at this venture-backed San Francisco startup, I lead all aspects of Design over 3.5 years as the company grew from Seed stage to Series B.

During that time, the company found product market fit, grew from 2(ish) customers to over 80 enterprise accounts, heavily recruited in order to support 5 very active Agile development teams, launched and monetized new features and products that now are considered to be leading "the future of the mortgage tech industry".

Chief Product Officer for a B2C personal relationship manager mobile app

As co-founder and product owner, I worked with a growing team to build an easy to use mobile app that allows a user to remember who they met, where, and why; and to take relevant action on that knowledge over time.

Through the course of the project, we designed and implemented custom UI component concepts that allowed a dense set of  available information to be shown as relevant and when needed.

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Founder of a calendar for the tech community

Starting with the growing tech community of Houston, we are creating a community-based calendar that is accessible to everyone.  

With one place to see all the events in your community, it's easy to feel like you belong.

Don't wait to incorporate Design until you finally need to style the work.  Design starts whenever you need to give intention to how something will be created. Which is at the beginning.