Data-driven product owner / product designer / UX designer / product manager / entrepreneur.

Focusing on sustainability - of designs, of systems, of the environment.


"...Thanks a million Alison...."

As we were putting together the plan of action on features for the mobile app, we listened to Alison. After she carefully listened, and asked questions, she provided a very important area that we overlooked.

Alison has helped us tremendously in our ability to retain more loyalty from our customers and client base, while reducing costs, and streamlining the mobile app development process, and its approach to feasibility. Thanks a million Alison."

- Zarrar

"Quite simply put, she's a rockstar."

...she not only provides advice to startup founders, she also rolls up her sleeves and helps them achieve their goals. In fact, I invited her to join one of my companies where she has successfully steered technology/software product development alongside a group of extremely successful and highly experienced public company executives. She's been instrumental in our rapid growth.

I unequivocally trust her with my company's strategic growth and execution, and I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in giving her my highest and strongest recommendation. Quite simply put, she's a rockstar.

- Ahsan

"I strongly endorse Alison's consulting practice."

Alison's actionable advice drawn from practical experience from launching multiple start-ups has been invaluable to my start-up, enabling me to progress more quickly with fewer pivots.

Alison has an engaging, supportive style while also challenging me as an accountability partner. I like the way Alison summarizes the key points from each meeting so I have a good summary to work from and which is highly valuable for a busy founder.

I strongly endorse Alison's consulting practice.

- Mike

"Would strongly recommend Alison as an advisor."

Alison has gone through several rounds of starting a new business and she's been a valuable resource for me as I tackle the task of getting the business up and running.

Gave advice on boot strap vs. incubator vs. VC, when/how to approach VCs, resources to use for recent VC activity.

Shared insights on using CDAs, trademarking, domains, social media, patents.

Provided direction on how I can use by own network to support my start-up activities including identifying advisors, reaching out to experts, requesting warm intros, etc.

She's also a savvy business person and shared her perspective on the potential of my business idea.

Most important of all, she's been my sounding board for any issues or roadblocks that I encounter along the way.

Would strongly recommend Alison as an advisor. I hope that helps and best of luck on your venture.

- Patton