Data-driven product owner / product designer / UX designer / product manager / entrepreneur.

Focusing on sustainability - of designs, of systems, of the environment.

An industry-leading platform, creating the future of mortgage capital markets.

Until Polly, there did not exist a modern, comprehensive web-based Saas product that could enable the pricing, and faciliate the sale of, mortgages in the United States.

As the first design hire of this startup, I held responsibility for all design-centric efforts as the company grew from Seed stage to Series B.

The work includes:

  1. Growing and managing a design team, in support 5 Scrum teams
  2. Working with other departments to align on the brand and vision for the growing platform
  3. Maintaining updated click-through mocks in Figma as products evolve
  4. Maintaining current design system requirements and high level design rules of the product.
    Leading the vision and requirements an udpated design system, in collaboartion with devs and marketing.
  5. Testing UI implementations and writing feedback on work produced by developers
  6. Collaborating with product managers to envision, research, and write requirements for new features
  7. Designing/redesigning new and existing products such that they logically create one unified suite of products for both our existing users and target personas
  8. Publishing internal design standards for all team so that developers are empowered to make design-impacted implementations without wasting time consulting Product
  9. Collaborating with teams like Marketing, to redesign our brand for scale
  10. Managing other relevant tasks that contribute to cohesive user-centered design across the company (DesignOps)