Data-driven product owner / product designer / UX designer / product manager / entrepreneur.

Focusing on sustainability - of designs, of systems, of the environment.

LNQ (pronounced like "link") is a professional networking mobile app that helps professionals (and their contacts) better connect, and stay connected, in the real world.

As co-founder and chief product officer, I have been responsible for taking this product from ideation to user testing and launch of Version1.

What I've done at LNQ:

  1. Co-found the company, taking ownership of the product vertical
  2. Design initial UX wireframes and low fidelity prototypes, along with product requirements
  3. Writing app copy- including push notifications, emails to users, welcome tutorial, and basic app
  4. Write, update, and maintain all product documentation as the single source of truth
  5. Management of internal product vertical - UI design, data architecture, etc.
  6. Weekly sprint stand up meeting with offshore development project manager
  7. Ultimate decision maker regarding tech stack
  8. Design and management of product roadmap
  9. Conduct usability testing for new designs and new features
  10. Digest weekly product feedback from internal UAT sessions
  11. Establish success metrics and KPIs
  12. Manage KPIs to ensure optimal use of team resources
  13. Design the internal dashboard for data and traffic measurement
  14. Design the internal customer service ticket dashboard
  15. Deliver live product demo during fundraising discussions
  16. Stay on top of industry news and update designs and integrations as needed