Data-driven product owner / product designer / UX designer / product manager / entrepreneur.

Focusing on sustainability - of designs, of systems, of the environment.

Topics range from advising a founder on how to start a new company with innovative goals, to helping to design and implement a product roadmap, and designing new features themselves.

Topics I've worked on with clients in New York and San Francisco:

    Product consulting:

  1. How do I design a product roadmap?
  2. How should this product look?
  3. Who is our primary persona, and should we limit our marketing to just them?
  4. Should we implement this feature, or is it a waste of our time?
  5. Is this a good launch strategy?
  6. How do we monetize this without sacrificing usability?
  7. How could we test the usability of this design?
  8. How do I run a sprint meeting with our development team?
  9. Startup consulting:

  10. How do I hire the right people?
  11. Can I really recruit great people just on equity?
  12. How could we define success?
  13. How much of this can I automate with a virtual assistant?
  14. How do I effectively work with a remote team?
  15. How and when should I raise funds?
  16. Do you know an expert who can just do this task for me?
  17. Is this standard procedure or am I being taken advantage of?

If you'd like to hear from past clients, please feel free to read some testimonials.