Alison Ostendorf | Consulting

Startup Consulting

Helping to bring early stage startup founders from ideation to MVP (minimum viable product).

Having experienced the very early stages of several startups herself, Alison has learned a lot about what sounds like a good idea but may not be the best way to make a new business work.

Her consulitng practice was established out of the desire to guide professionals who have been successful in the corporate world and who now want to start their own ventures. Specifically, to help them avoid the many ways to waste time, money, and passion; and instead to prioritize the creation of early product and early sales.

This often means consulting on topics like:

  • Do I need a cofounder?
  • How do I validate my idea?
  • What is truly a minimum viable product?
  • How can I find and convince talent to work on equity?
  • How do I build my first website?
  • When should I pursue funding?
  • WHat does my brand really need while starting out?
  • How can I automate the repeatable steps of this business?
  • How can I stay sane while giving so much energy to my startup?
  • Where are the resoureces and community I will need?